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A selection of articles about paid vacation (or lack of) in the US

A selection of articles about paid vacation or relevant to this issue

January 27, 2014: The business of paid family leave, by Nancy Falbre, Economix Blog, NYT
January 24, 2014: The economic case for paid leave , by David Sirota in In These Times
January 20, 2014: MLK Day: Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King
January 17, 2014: New Paid Sick Leave Law for New York City, New York Times
January 9, 2014: Representative Gael Tarleton introduces Paid Vacation Leave Bill in WA
January 6, 2014: Forever Temp? , by Sarah Jaffe in In These Times

October 28, 2013: Growing income inequality is hurting Seattle, by David West
October 7, 2013: Microsoft publishes its 2013 citizenship report
October 6, 2013: Temp jobs offer low wages, worst benefits, by Kahtleen Geier, Washington Monthly
September 3, 2013: Paid Vacation's Decline (in the US), by Catherine Rampell, NYT
August 25, 2013: Trimmings for Labor Day, by Robert Reich
August 21, 2013: An open letter to Mark Zuckenberg: is Facebook a human right? by Jen Schradie
August 12, 2013: Opting for free time, by Sarah Jaffe, In These Times
July 16, 2013: 'Non-standard' work now one third of Washington State labor market, report by Puget Sound Sage,
July 25, 2013: An open letter to Jeff Bezos: a contract worker's take on, by Steven Barker, GeekWire
July 15, 2013: 17 million temp workers in America, World Socialist website
July 12, 2013: For Obama, Bush, Reagan, no vacation from politics, by Jonathan Zimmerman, Christian Science Monitor
July 10, 2013: The American economy is eroding the American job, by Harold Meyerson, The Washington Post (about the growth of 'temp' jobs)
July 7, 2013: Europe surpasses America in vacations, by Robert Samuelson, The Washington Post
July 3, 2013: Expedia Canada 2013 Vacation deprivation survey
June 27, 2013: The expendables, how the temps who power corporate giants are getting crushed, by Michael Grabell, Pro Publica and Time Magazine under the title The 4 am army.
June 19, 2013: Stop spoiling the shareholders, by Justin Fox, Atlantic Magazine
June 7, 2013: Aloha, Worker's rights, by Luke Brinker, In These Times (3 days of mandated paid vacation per year for domestic workers in Hawai)
June 2, 2013: Sliced right, no fights over crumbs, by Jerry Large, Seattle Times
May 27, 2013: Change the world, by George Packer, The New Yorker (about Silicon Valley and inequality)
May 22, 2013: HR2096, Paid Vacation Act, introduced by Rep Alan Grayson
May 2013: No-vacation nation revisited, by the Center for Economic and Policy Research
April 16, 2013: Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King (50 years later)

December 23, 2012: Why-do-americans-have-less-vacation-than-anyone-else, by Steve Mazie.
December 10, 2012: Fast forward 64 years, by Dan Bross, Director of Microsoft's Corporate Citizenship, about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
July 12, 2012: The politics of your summer vacation, by Mark Engler
March 19, 2012 Bon voyage! Why Europe's Vacation Loving Ways May Make Economic Sense, by Sonia Van Gilder Cooke, Time Magazine
March 11, 2012, Swiss Voters Reject Longer Vacations, by Meena Thiruvengadam, Global Post
This demand was started in 2009 by the Trade Union Travail Suisse. While the initiative was defeated the trade union still pushes more companies to provide 6 weeks of paid vacation.

August 4, 2011: Why Temping is a Racket, by Joshua Eaton
February 23, 2011: US: Lack of paid leave harms workers, children, by Janet Walsh, Human Rights Watch
January 2011: Time to get paid, by Peter Dreier, Utne Reader and American Prospect

September 4, 2010: Why does paid vacation exist? by Matt Rognlie
September 3, 2010: The price of paid vacation, by Matthew Yglesias (The Atlantic)
September 2, 2010: Vacations cont'd, by Ezra Klein (The Washington Post)
August 31, 2010: On vacation vs leisure, by Reihan Salam (National Review on line)
August 31, 2010: Americans vs vacation, by Ezra Klein (The Washington Post)
August 19, 2010: Why Americans, and those who are employed to write about them, cannot enjoy holidays, by Lexington (The Economist)
August 2010: in the New York Times Room for Debate, Why don't Americans have longer vacations
includes an article by Peter Baldwin, More work but less stress? and one by Thomas Geoghegan, It's even worse than you think.
April 2010: Washington State Employee benefits survey, less than a quarter of firms offer any benefits to 'part-time' employees

March 3, 2009: Microsoft's vendors and contingent workers total more than 79.000 on top of direct employees, by Benjamin Romano, Seattle Times blog Microsoft Pri0 

June 23, 2008: Love the work, hate the job, by David Kusnet (John Wiley and Sons) pages 97 to 149 about Micrsoft's 'permatemps'
June 7, 2008: Vacations are good for you, medically speaking, by Alina Tugend (NYT)
August 2000: The permatemps contretemps, by Ron Lieber, Fast Company
July 10, 2000: Temp Slave Revolt, by David Moberg, In These Times

June 27, 1999: Temporary Victory by Samantha M Shapiro, The Stranger
February 18, 1999: Temp's Rights by Samantha M Shapiro, The Stranger

Relevant links for Microsoft and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
July 2012:  Microsoft Report about its implementation of the Global Compact
(Google doc, see page 2)

April 2012: Microsoft's Global Human Rights Statement: commitment to all Human Rights (Google doc)

November 22, 2006:  Microsoft announces participation in the Global Compact
Link to the page in the Microsoft's site where their Global Human Rights Statement is referenced
Article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
About the indivisibility of Human Rights
A downward trend in Washington State

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