Sunday, July 7, 2013

Time Magazine's propaganda about happiness in America

Time's magazine wins the propaganda award with this article about the pursuit of happiness in America. The first sentences sort of say it all:
'If you're an American and you're not having fun, it just might be your own fault... You might have to work hard, but you'd have a grand time doing it.That promise, for the most part, has been kept.'
Amazingly, the same issue contains the damning article about The 4 AM army: 'Every morning, hundreds of thousands of workers show up for jobs that are unseen, uncertain and underpaid—and vital to the U.S. economy'. It did not make the cover though and this 4 AM army is completely absent from the 'pursuit of happiness' series. For obvious incompatibility.
They still give a link to contact Pro Publica about your experience as a temp worker.
And the pro Publica investigation in Temp land is still ongoing. Maybe they'll look at paid vacation or rather the complete lack of...

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