Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Rise of the Permatemp Economy

Interesting article by Erin Hatton, author of The Temp Economy, about the history of the temporary and permatemp workers, in January 26, NYT. With this amazing 1971 ad that sill resumes the present status of most "permatemps".

For example, in 1971 the recently renamed Kelly Services ran a series of ads in The Office, a human resources journal, promoting the “Never-Never Girl,” who, the company claimed: “Never takes a vacation or holiday. Never asks for a raise. Never costs you a dime for slack time. (When the workload drops, you drop her.) Never has a cold, slipped disc or loose tooth. (Not on your time anyway!) Never costs you for unemployment taxes and Social Security payments. (None of the paperwork, either!) Never costs you for fringe benefits. (They add up to 30% of every payroll dollar.) Never fails to please. (If your Kelly Girl employee doesn’t work out, you don’t pay.)”

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